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Founded in 1994, to the Vao Livre it began your activities in the market of metallic structures with the differentiated proposal of offering solutions for your customers through technological innovations. Today, where practically all the modern constructions are structured in steel, that initial positioning made possible to the company a pioneering and an exponential growth that it resulted in great partnership, in the beginning of the year of 2011, with a group of investors. To leave of that moment is born Vao Livre S/A a strong mark that rejuvenates to the world market, with the 15 year-old experience and a Know-how in works industrial, commercial and section oil and gas.


Located in the Industrial District Queimadas City–PB Brazil, in own area of 85.000m², being 14.000 m² of built area (production area, painting and offices) and 20.000 m² destined to stock and expedition.


Our company has what it exists of best in the world in technology and equipments for the improvement of profiles and steel plates, possessing a working power of 1.000 t/month.


We are specialized in the production and assembly of works of the section oil and gas, thermoelectrical, buildings of multiple pavements (commercial or residential), hangars (industrial or commercial), shopping center, distribution centers and logistics, supermarkets, airports, terminals road and rail, bridges, viaducts and catwalks.


The Vao Livre S/A, leader in metallic structures in the North and Northeast of Brazil, is very close to Federal Highways, what makes possible efficient drainage of your production for all the areas.

Indústria e Construções Vão Livre S/A / Street Júlia Eulália , unnumbered Industrial district of Queimadas City – PB Brazil / Phone: +55 (83) 3331.3000 /
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